1. Scientific papers must be sent exclusively through the Online Secretariat menu on the event's website.
    Click here
  2. Papers will be accepted for presentation in the free video or free theme modalities.
  3. The best free videos will be selected for presentation in the main plenary of the specialty during the regular sessions of the scientific program. The other free videos will be presented in a specific room for this purpose.
  4. Deadline for paper’s submission: 11:59 pm, on October 2nd, 2022. This date will not be extended.
  5. The author who will present the paper must be registered in the event and with the registration paid to submit the paper.
  6. Submission format:
    • Title: must be written in capital letters;
    • Author and co-authors: must start with the surnames, followed by the initials of the names, separated by commas.
    • Limit of 6 co-authors. In addition, everyone's institution must be informed.
    • The writing of texts should be divided into items: Introduction / Objectives; Materials, Casuistry and Methods; Results / Discussion; Conclusions.
    • Maximum body text size: 3,000 characters with spaces (not including title, authors and institutions).
  7. It is essential to send the power point (if free theme) or video (if free video) according to the settings below for presentation. Abstracts sent without the respective files will be automatically disqualified.
    • Free video format - the video must conform to these settings:
      - maximum duration: 7 minutes
      - maximum file size: 700 MB
      - recommended proportions:
         4 x 3 – with 480x360 resolution
         16 x 9 – with 640x360 resolution
      - formats: mp4 or wmv or mpg or mpeg or avi or flv
    • Free theme format:
      - Power Point with landscape slideshow (horizontal) - maximum duration: 7 minutes
      - maximum file size: 700 MB
  8. Changes will not be allowed after the deadline for submission of the paper, nor the replacement of the file to be presented at the event.
  9. There is no limit of abstracts per author, but more than one abstract based on the same research work will not be accepted.
  10. Prospective studies, retrospective studies or case reports will be accepted. Literature reviews will not be accepted.
  11. Author limit for each paper: 1 author and up to 6 co-authors. The presenter must be responsible for submitting the paper.
  12. After the submission of the paper, the author will receive confirmation through the contact e-mail informed in the registration. This confirmation message is the guarantee that the job was sent correctly. If the author does not receive the submission confirmation email, the author must contact the event's executive secretary immediately and before the submission deadline.
  13. The acceptance status of the paper will be available in the restricted area of the author who submitted the paper until October 30th, 2022.
  14. The submission of the paper represents a definitive commitment of the author to present the paper in person, if accepted, during the Congress and to allow its exhibition (video) on the SOBRACIL website.
    There will be no remote presentation of scientific papers.
  15. Doubts will be resolved by the Event Organizing Committee.


Only one certificate will be issued for each accepted and submitted paper. It will contain the names of the author and all co-authors.

For more information, please send an email to

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