Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you all to participate in the 12th Brazilian Congress of Video Surgery of SOBRACIL, which will be held from September 24 to 27, 2014, in Florianópolis.

We are engaged to perform a high-level Congress, attended by the leading authorities in video surgery and robotics of the country and the world.

Our expectations are the best possible and it could not be different. We have in this Congress a series of activities including the most current topics of video surgery and robotics contemplating all the medical specialties.

Florianópolis demonstrated its importance in the national scene when, in 1999, held the fourth edition of our Congress in an exemplary manner. Next year it will be even better, because we will have the participation of participants of the project “Young Surgeon Awakening”, who will be conducting the final stage of the evaluation of the course of introduction to the technique of video surgery.

We still rely on the surgeries to video, a landmark of our congresses and that allow the association of practice with theoretical discussions that will occur at the tables and symposia.

We hope to see you, associate, in this action of SOBRACIL to celebrate the closure of our management ahead of the society and all the actions that we are conducting on behalf of our union and strengthening.


Claudio Crispi
President of SOBRACIL

Dear Colleague,

We are very happy to host the National Congress of SOBRACIL in Florianópolis in September 2014 and we are going to offer scientific programming consistent with the event.

In the early 90’s, a different method to operate emerged and we learned with one another in courses and live surgeries. We created bonds of friendship and we formed a video-surgerical family in our state and in our country.

Our proposal is to show what has happened in the last few years, since 1999 when we conquered and held the first national-level congress in our state, the IV Congress of SOBRACIL.

We want to show innovations and what is established with video surgery coming to majority. We will have, in the Organization of the respective programs, the participation of national committee chairmen of Video-surgery General, Gynecologic, Colon-proctologic, Bariatric, Thoracic, Urologic, Pediatric, Cardiovascular, robotics and new technology.

The partnership with IRCAD will be repeated with the coming of experts from that institution and, on Saturday, live surgeries will be held in different cities. The participants of the Congress will be treated, in the end of the meeting, with an Oktoberfest on Saturday night.

Thus, we need the participation of everyone for our family SOBRACIL to have a great encounter.

Best regards,

Aluisio Stoll
President of the Scientific Committee

Dear Colleague,

Florianópolis and Santa Catarina expect in 2014 to repeat the great Congress of the year 1999 held here. After fifteen years we learned more and we would like the memories of Santa Catarina to be the nicest possible and that everyone had experienced new knowledge, new work plans and scientific production to enhance even more the Brazilian medicine.

Your presence, your experience with many other national and international great professionals of video-surgery, will make the success of the 12th Brazilian Congress of Sobracil, at Centro de Convenções – Centrosul, from 24 to 27 of September, 2014.

We are organizing an unforgettable event as was that of 1999. Each specialty will be able to discuss the themes and take advantage of a multidisciplinary Congress, see and learn what the other specialties already know and use successfully.

We expect you all to review old friendships and we want this edition to be unforgettable among the friends of Sobracil.


Alcides de Souza
President of the Organizing Committee

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