Scientific Papers


  1. Due to the change of the event to the virtual format, it was necessary to change the format for sending and presenting scientific papers.
    They should still be sent exclusively through the Online Secretariat menu on the event website, but necessarily in a new format, including to the authors who had already sent them before.
  2. Approved papers can be presented in 3 formats: free video, free theme or digital poster.
  3. All will be available during the event to all participants in a specific area on the event website / platform.
  4. The Scientific Committee (CC) may change the presentation of approved papers. It will be up to the main author to accept to present in the format chosen by the CC (if different from the format of submission) or to withdraw the paper.
  5. New deadline for submission of papers in the new format:
    • 6:00 pm on November 28, 2020 - all formats
  6. At least the first author must be registered at the event to submit the paper but all other authors must also be registered at the event (complimentary registration) by November 22nd, 2020 for it to be evaluated and potentially approved.
  7. Format for submission:
    • Title: should be written in capital letters;
    • Author and co-authors: must begin with the surnames, followed by the initials of the names, separated by commas. Limit of 6 co-authors. In addition, everyone's institution must be informed.
    • The text should be divided into items: Introduction / Objectives; Materials, data and methods; Results / Discussion; Conclusions.
    • Maximum size of body text: 3,000 characters with spaces (not including the title, authors and institutions).
  8. Sending new files:
    • Poster format:
      The paper should be done in a single image (as if it were a physical poster) and be in PDF format.
      Papers submitted in a different format will be automatically disqualified.

    • Free video or free theme format:
      - maximum duration: 7 minutes
      - maximum file size: 700 MB
      - recommended proportions:
         4 x 3 – 480 x 360 resolution
         16 x 9 – 640 x 360 resolution
      - formats: mp4 or wmv or mpg or mpeg or avi or flv

    • The author must use software to record his computer screen and record his oral presentation as if he were presenting during the face-to-face event.
      Optional free software for this:
      It is important that this recording contains both the content of the screen and the voice of the author presenting this content.
      The video must be submitted to the event by the specific area for this on the congress website and will be available to all participants during the event.
  9. There is no limit on summaries by author, but it will not be accepted more than a summary based on the same research project.
  10. The limit of authors for each paper: one author (who will be the presenter of the paper) and up to six co-authors. The presenter will be responsible for submitting the paper.
  11. The author might declare his/her option (free theme, free video or video poster). The Scientific Committee will meet the author's option whenever possible.
  12. After submitting the paper, the author will receive confirmation through the contact email provided in the registration. This confirmation message is the guarantee that the paper has been sent correctly. If you do not receive the e-mail with the confirmation of submission, the author should contact the executive secretary immediately and before the deadline for submission.
  13. The acceptance status of the paper will be made available in the restricted area of the author who submitted it until December 3, 2020.
  14. The submission of the paper represents a definitive commitment by the author(s) to present the paper, if accepted, during the Congress and allow its exhibition on the SOBRACIL website.
  15. Questions will be settled by the event Organizing Committee.


Only one certificate will be issued only for each paper accepted and presented. . It should contain the names of the author and all co-authors.

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